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Young Living Reviews: A Good Buy?


Young Living reviews can help us determine whether these essential oils are beneficial or not. Are these essential oils worth buying? There is a lot of information we need to know about a particular product. Each product is helpful for various purposes. For this reason, we have to search appropriately about these products beforehand.

Meanwhile, this article will focus on Young Living. Our job is to bring you all the necessary details that can help you with your purchase. Well, we need to get started if we want to know more about Young Living essential oils. Let’s go.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracts from various plants.

Essential oil is a concentrated extract coming from different kinds of plants. Several practitioners use essential oil along with natural and alternative medical practices. Examples of these practices are aromatherapy and naturopathy.

Various plants contain compounds that can provide relief. However, it would still be best to be cautious in using these as essential oils. There is minimal evidence to support the claim suggesting using these compounds as a treatment or cure for ailments.

Benefits of Essential Oils

An essential oil may help relieve the following health issues.

  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Cold sores
  • Sinus infections
  • Sore muscles
  • Anxiety

Essential oils can be helpful in several ways. It may also provide life-changing benefits. However, it is still necessary to review all the information about the brands to purchase. Aside from that, we also need to ensure proper usage of these essential oils as they may also have adverse effects, such as the following.

  • Irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Asthma attacks
  • Headaches (the result of too much inhalation)

Generally speaking, several products use essential oils as part of their ingredients. Some examples of products that contain essential oil are perfumes, creams, body washes, and some beauty care products. In this article, we’ll see if Young Living essential oils are practical and beneficial.

Young Living Essential Oils

Generally speaking, Young Living is one of the leading manufacturers of essential oils in the world. For more than 20 years already, they have been providing various essential oils and essential oil-infused products. The products have been a part of several households already for the time being.

Furthermore, Young Living products range to 500 varieties already. That includes items in single bottles, roll-on applicators, massage oils, and even dietary oils. But not only those. They also have household products and personal care products, such as soaps, lotions, toothpaste, and many more.

On the other hand, we cannot say that these essential oils are purely organic. But, when a product has the label “USDA Organic,” it means that it is 95% organic and 5% synthetic. Young Living promotes their Seed to Seal process.

The Seed to Seal process has the objectives to ensure that high-quality products will reach every customer. Furthermore, the company strictly follows a rigorous quality control standard. This way, the family that uses the essential oils will enjoy all the benefits there could be.

Sourcing, science, and standards comprise the Seed to Seal process. For this reason, they have all the confidence to say that Young Living produces high-quality oil products. Young Living oils have been offering various health benefits to any issue you can ever think of.

15 Most Popular Essential Oils

The following products are the most famous essential oils available in the market. It would be best to choose wisely which among them can address your purpose of use.

Lavender essential oil.
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Tea tree
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Frankincense
  • Sweet Orange
  • Lemongrass
  • Clary Sage
  • Grapefruit
  • Clove
  • Oregano
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Bergamot

These products have individual usages, such as providing calming sensations, pain relief, skin care, weight loss, air freshening, and many more. However, due to limited scientific evidence, essential oils remain controversial in the medical industry.

The claims about addressing ailments remain unsupported. For this reason, we need to be cautious when using these products. Misuse or excessive use of these products may endanger us. As a result, we may have an increased risk of experiencing adverse effects in the end.

In this case, we need to be careful in using essential oil. It would be best to review all the necessary details that we have to know. An essential oil may or may not become beneficial if we are not knowledgeable about its proper usage.

The Worth of Young Living

Young Living has several aspects why we can consider them worthy of our attention. Please see the details below and check whether they are helpful or not in your search for relevant information about this company.

1 Successful company track record.

As mentioned earlier, Young Living has already been here for more than 20 years. Isn’t that enough reason that the company has been excellent all along? Aside from that, it started as a true pioneer of the essential oil industry.

2 A product with a passionate fanbase.

Several people are already using their products all over the globe. On the other hand, we are not talking about thousands of people. We are speaking here about millions of people who are extensively health-conscious and found relief with essential oils from Young Living.

3 Charitable giving.

The company of Young Living has an existing foundation that they founded in 2009. The foundation helps in building new schools and homes in third-world countries. Additionally, they also extend their help to victims of natural disasters.

4 Reasonable start-up cost.

If you are into the world of marketing, this one is a good start for you. Young Living offers a starter kit for $45. Being an independent distributor, you can get a 24% discount on Young Living’s products. Aside from that, you can also earn commissions.

5 Get free products.

When we say free products, you can have the opportunity to get products without pulling out even a single centavo from your pocket. It is through the Essential Rewards Program. The members of this program can earn product credits and free oils. Aside from that, they will also enjoy reduced shipping rates.

Companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Aside from that, the business world is not as simple as it may seem. The benefits we can get from the products they produce may also vary. Quality is the number one aspect to consider when choosing a product that you will let your family use.

Overall, we should not only consider the positive feedback. It would be helpful to confirm the potential drawbacks as well. Most companies nowadays already have a website that you can visit. Aside from that, some websites also conduct a review of various products.

Drawbacks of Young Living

There are a few aspects that we cannot set aside relative to Young Living. For this reason, it may affect how we look into Young Living’s reputation as a whole. Please see them below and check if it affects your outlook towards Young Living and their essential oils.

  • Young Living is said to have an association with a controversial history and founder.
  • Additionally, Young Living has faced lawsuits and FDA warnings.
  • Aside from that, YL oils are pretty expensive. A 15ml bottle of Young Living’s Lavender oil costs nearly $32.
  • Moreover, several people have been raising complaints about Young Living’s poor customer service.
  • Lastly, you need to bring out some extra efforts to become successful in this field. Recruitment is one of the aspects necessary relative to network marketing. Rejection is one of the typical backfires. So, distributors tend to look for someone else to recruit for their business.

Given these points, will it hold you back in joining the growing business of Young Living oils? The decision is yours alone. It would be best to consider all the factors if you will pursue entering this line of business.

If you research on the internet, you can also see several websites doing reviews. You may consider reading a post about the product you plan to purchase. However, you have to ensure that the website you will look into is a trusted source.

Make Money with Young Living Oils

As mentioned earlier, you can become a member of the Young Living business once you purchase their starter kit. However, they’ve been encouraging new members to buy a premium starter kit with a price of $150 to $265. The cost depends on the option that the new member will choose.

Meanwhile, there are several ways for a member to make money using their membership with Young Living. Please see them below.

  • Retail Customer Earnings
  • Starter Kit Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Rising Star Bonus Pool
  • Unilevel Commission
  • Generation Commission
  • Generation Leadership Bonus
  • Diamond Leadership Bonus

A member will undergo various ranks starting from being a distributor up to becoming an executive. A member could become a rising star in this field. But then again, the money they would earn entirely depends on their efforts to grow from this line.

However, the amount a member can earn from Young Living essential oils depends on the size of their organization. The earnings could even reach $150,000 monthly. But to tell the truth, 97% of the distributors have profits falling less than $6,000 per year or $500 or less every month.

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is a strategy that direct sales companies use to encourage their existing members to recruit new distributors. In general, network marketing is a challenging field to enter. So, you better be sure that you are far ready to accept the tasks and trials associated with this line of business.

Young Living Review: Why Choose Young Living Essential Oils?

Overall, honest reviews are what we look forward to about a particular product. Companies have been monitoring the online reviews of customers in different parts of the world. Both a customer’s positive and negative thoughts can determine a company’s status in the business world.

A customer may or may not give 5 stars as a review of the product they used. Aside from that, every customer has a different standard, a different health condition, and may benefit from the product differently. We cannot be entirely the same with another person.

In this case, the question to ask is why choose Young Living essential oils? These essential oils are generally helpful in different aspects. However, some products may be beneficial to you but to others are not, or vice versa.

Additionally, other customers may love Young Living essential oils, and some would not. The company is ready to face these parts of the business industry. A well-established company accepts every criticism as an opportunity to improve and continuously provide high-quality products.

Generally speaking, D. Gary Young founded Young Living, not for the income alone. He suffered a near-fatal logging accident. During his endeavor as a paralyzed and confined person to a wheelchair, he claimed to have found relief from essential oils.

These essentials have then become a source of healthy residual income. All thanks to Gary for letting these essential oils penetrate up to our modern society. Aside from that, Young Living and doTerra will not exist as well. DoTerra is the biggest competitor of Young Living as of the moment.

A Life with Essential Oils

Essential oil productions have provided several job opportunities to many people. It even helped gain positive impacts on the wellness of the majority who use the oils.  Every time we feel pain, it is usual to think about essential oils.

A woman holding a bottle of essential oil in her hand.

Generally speaking, we can no longer imagine a life without essential oils. The wellness of a family most likely goes around with essential oils before turning into other treatment options. The blend of brands is helpful for different health issues.

All in all, an honest review of these products is free and easy to post online. We only have to ensure that what we will post is from a good intention. That is to share comments that will help another individual decide whether the product is a good buy or not.

On the other hand, we have to make sure of our overall wellness. If we can see a sign that we already need medical support, then we should go. Essential oils may only bring temporary relief to these concerns. So, seeking medical attention may still become necessary.

In the long run, we still need to keep everything in balance. We have to carefully think when deciding when to use essential oils or need a doctor’s help. A life with essential oils may or may not be what we need for a particular condition.


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