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World Oral Health Day: Tips for better dental health


Every March 20, we celebrate the annual World Oral Health Day. With this year’s campaign slogan, ‘Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health, let us give you tips on how to better care not only of our teeth but our entire oral cavity. For more information about this, click on this link.

Tips for a better oral health

Visit your dentist regularly. Yes, we know that you know this, and we also know that going to the Lydarum Family Dentist in Epping is easier said than done. With prices of everything going up, thinking about spending on dental appointments is the least of your concerns. But you have to consider the savings you will get if your dentist discovers problems early. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

Brush and floss. This is also a no brainer. But just a reminder, dentists recommend 2-2-1: brush for 2 minutes twice a day and floss daily. This practice ensures you clean not only the visible parts of your teeth but also the in-between and your gums.

world oral health day

Add protection. To prevent damage at an early age, dentists recommend kids to have fissure sealants that coat and cover the teeth so as to better prevent tooth decay. For adults, wearing mouthguards when performing active sports and activities can also be helpful.

Eat healthy. Avoid sweets, since sugar is bacteria’s favorite food. Once bacteria feast on sugar, acid is created and this may cause cavities and tooth decay. As always, consume food and supplements high in calcium as this mineral can help build strong bones and teeth.

Drink water. There are some places where tap water has been fluoridated, and introducing fluoride in your system helps your teeth too. It is an essential part of your toothpaste, so why not add some more to keep your teeth healthy?

Your teeth are important not only in making you beautiful but also in making you healthy. It is the gateway to your nutrition, and it frames your radiant smile, so it is very important to care for them as much as you can.

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