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Wisdom Tooth Surgery


Teeth are one of the essential parts of our face. As the smile is interlinked to  teeth, it will give a great look and signify our expression. The process of tooth removal surgery is done at a certain age and doesn’t affect your life with pains and worries. The procedure for the wisdom tooth surgery is explained below with relevant information.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

The procedure of tooth removal is carried by a surgeon specialist or a dentist currently working in the hospital. Well, before the tooth removal process, if in case your dentist recommends taking an X-ray of mouth so that it becomes easy to move further the dental surgery process. The discussion procedure about the payments methods and charges should be done before starting the surgery.


To start with the teeth removal, you will be given an injection so-called local anesthetic to detach the tooth and surroundings as well. It becomes very anxious and nervous for the patient to know about the procedure; in this scenario, the dentist gives you a relaxed feeling. Commonly, it will be given to arms. Well, anesthetic of general is a rarely used for removal of the tooth. It’s like an occasional involvement to give a carry out in the hospital. After this general anesthetic followed by procedure, you can still manage to go home.

Procedure for removing the wisdom tooth:

This dental process is done when the tooth doesn’t leave its base occupied by gum, a cut will be made to access for the removal of gum. This may also lead to a small bone piece removal which is covering the tooth. The tooth is split and cut into smaller parts so that it becomes easier to remove from the openings. If the gum is broken from the tooth, incision making is avoiding. The pressure will be same before and after the procedure of tooth removal, in this case, the dentist needs to make a spacious for the socket by hitting the forth and back just before pulling it out. You should absorb your pains after the removal of wisdom teeth as they used to be strong and numb. By a St Marys dentist at Pearl Dental Care clinic’s advice, the anesthetic is applied additional in case of the increase in pain. This could be done by well trained professional in wisdom teeth Sydney clinics.

How much time is needed to remove the tooth?

It takes simple dental procedure with few minutes to bare, maybe 20 minutes or more if the case is quite complicated.

After surgery

Seal the gum with dissolving stitches after the incision has been made. The advice is given by your family dentist about how much time it requires to dissolve (roughly 7-10 days). The dentist places gauze on the extraction site and reminds you to put a pressure on the jaws of both up and down for an hour or more. This makes the blood clot in the tooth socket which is empty. The healing process includes the blood clot, just dislodge them. In certain cases, some chemicals like antibiotics, it may affect you by the infection which is an ongoing process.

The things to avoid after surgery

After 24 hours of wisdom tooth removal, the things to be avoided are:

• Alcohol consumption and smoking.
• Tea or soaps with hot temperature.
• Physical activity for the jaw like chewing.
• Avoid mouth rinsing out with liquid.

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  1. It’s so scary having this kind of surgery but surely dentist will provide you some anesthetics to lessen the pain.

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