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Wisdom Teeth Recovery Tips


Wisdom teeth is the 3rd and last molar that can be located on the sides of the jaws (the upper and lower). It’s the last teeth to “pop-out” and it happens usually to someone in their teenage years or early 20’s.

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When your wisdom teeth starts to give problems, it is not the time to panic. The best decision to take is to get them removed. Failure to do so, will affect your oral health and leave you in lots of unnecessary pain.

Once the procedure is completed, there are some important things to do in order to ensure your teeth are in great condition. This is important because after removal of your wisdom teeth, there’s usually some bleeding, swelling, bruising and general discomfort after the surgery. Nevertheless recovery is quick, what most people try to avoid in the aftermath, is a dry socket.

A dry socket occurs when the blood clot that has been formed in the socket actually dissolves or is dislocated till it exposes the bones and the nerve endings. To avoid these issues, there are a couple of things you can do after your wisdom teeth removal surgery.

wisdom teet after careA Few Wisdom Teeth Recovery Tips

When dealing with swollen gums, you can place ice packs at the sides of your mouth for twenty minutes on and off. When this is done for two days the swelling will subside. ·

For the bleeding, you can have a gauze pad nearby, just give it a bite and place your fingers above the pad for about thirty minutes before removing them. You can also use a tea bag that’s been moistened. ·

Mouth care is great, you can reduce the drinking, talking for a couple of hours after your surgery, and then rest for the whole day. When drinking liquid, you can use a straw and just avoid any form of serious exercise for a couple of days. ·

Eat very soft foods, like fruits, vegetables and mashed potatoes. Take lots of lukewarm fluids once the bleeding stops. Do not take carbonated drinks or eat foods like peanuts or popcorn, this would hide some particles in your tooth socket.

The most important thing is to communicate effectively with your MyHM Dentist in Kellyville, NSW, they would know how to get you through this procedure without any complications. Just follow their instructions and some of these tips, and you would be fine.

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