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What is post dental implant care?


Patients often think about what post dental implant care entails. What is the proper care that should be given to the recovering site of a dental implant? This article is meant to answer those questions and help a person be ready for what is in store for the recovery period of dental implants. After reading the article, you can read about this dental practice, they place tooth implants in Sydney

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are designed to take the place of missing teeth. If a person has one or more missing teeth, they can opt to get dental implants. In contrast to dental bridges, which need to use one or two healthy teeth as anchors for the dental bridge, a dental implant will not have to destroy any healthy teeth to be placed in the patient’s mouth. The dentist will use various tools like compressors to make sure that the operation is successful.

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Recovering from dental implant surgery

post dental implant care

The recovery from dental implant surgery is similar to other types of oral surgery. The dentist will provide a set of instructions that will help guide the patient through the recovery process. This detailed list will include what types of food you can eat, and what food you should avoid during the first few days following the procedure. It is important to follow these specific instructions to make sure that the healing process happens quickly and with no complications.

Brushing and oral hygiene. Having good oral hygiene even during the recovery period from dental implants can greatly affect the healing process. Most dentists will advise that brushing and flossing habits can resume after a day following the procedure. For the first day, gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash will be an effective way to make sure there is no bacterial infection that forms around the surgical site.

Normal activities. Most dentists will advise the patient to stop doing strenuous activities until around three days after the procedure. This will ensure that the healing process has started before the patient returns to their normal routine.

Eat soft food. Soft food that is neither too hot nor too cold will ensure that tooth sensitivity does not develop. Extreme temperatures can trigger sensitivity because the nerves in the surrounding parts of the implant site may still be sensitive from the procedure.

Antibiotics. It is important that a patient follows their dentist’s instructions and completes the antibiotic dose that is prescribed to them

Do not smoke. Smoking can inhibit the healing of the dental implant site. Based on statistics, around 20% of smokers experience failed implants. 

These are the most common instructions that will be included in what the dentist will advise a patient to do. There may be other instructions that the dentist may advise, depending on the oral health of the patient.

When you should worry

If you experience excessive bleeding, oozing, and pain around the implant site, it is a good idea to get in touch with your dentist. Also, if you feel that the implant is loose, it is important to seek immediate dental treatment to prevent any injury to the jawbone and surrounding gums. Want to learn more about dental implants, you can visit AUDentalImplantsSydney.com.au today.

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