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What causes broken wire braces?


Braces have work greatly when it comes to dental care and teeth realignment. When braces are used in the teeth, they may be subjected to different activities that can make them break. Dental experts
from this dental site in Hornsby, NSW say that there are more broken wire braces cases reported to them as compared to other related problems. Accordingly, since the braces are fragile, some of the reasons that may cause breaking include:

Wrong food in the mouth: They type of food subjected to the mouth can easily cause the breaking of braces. You must be careful when eating food that are hard and requires a lot of pressure to chew.

Accidents: When accidents happen and the braces are hit against a strong object, there are high chances that they will break.

Wrong brushing technique: Don’t subject your mouth to too much vigorous brushing or incorrect ways when braces are on as this can increase the risk of breaking them.

broken wire braces

Don’t panic when you discover one of your braces is broken since this can always be fixed. You should check to monitor on the extent of damage since minor damages can easily be fixed by pushing the braces in place. When you have a totally broken braces, you should remove it completely from your mouth then carry it when visiting the orthodontist.

Broken braces must be monitored closely as they may affect the dental care process. Make sure you have an appointment the moment you realize you have a broken braces to organize for the repair process. You are likely to have some level of discomfort with the movement of the tough and eating made very difficult.

Practice high dental hygiene during the process to make sure any part of the teeth isn’t affected. Handle any related injury that may relate to the broken wire and keep rinsing your mouth salty water to enhance the healing process. Always be careful when using toothpicks and flossing as well at the above mentioned causes to reduce the risk.

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