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Toothache Remedy for Kids


There’s nothing as distressing to any parent as seeing your child in pain, that includes tooth pain. Dr Mohit explains that a persistent toothache in a kid could be an indication of a problem requiring professional care with the common causes being gum disease and cavities. Sometimes children do experience short-term pains as a result of small scrape in their mouth, bump to the tooth as well as when there’re food substances caught in between the teeth. However, sinuses, jaw and ear problems cause pain that feels like a toothache. If the pain lasts longer than twenty-four hours, you should take your kid to a dentist. But for temporary relief, here’s a list of toothache remedy for kids at home that can help alleviate the pain.

(1). Brushing and flossing

Ensure that your child gently brushes the teeth and flosses on both sides of the aching tooth so as remove any stack food.

(2). Rinsing with saltwater

Try giving the kid a sip of the rinse and tell her/him to swish it for about thirty seconds near the sore tooth and then spit the rinse. This relieves the pain and reduces gum swelling.

(3). Ice Pack

Consider wrapping the Ice pack and holding it to the sored area for around 20-30 minutes. Ice helps to relieve the pain.

(4). Over-the-counter medication

This is a toothache remedy for kids that’s only done under the guidance of a dentist. These medications are used to temporarily relieve the pain. For instance, you can apply Benzocaine directly to the affected tooth by following the package instructions.

(5). Peppermint

This is a traditional pain reliever which is considered to be very safe as well as being among the yummiest remedies for toothache in kids. Use a fresh and pure peppermint tea bag and place it between your child’s cheek and gums to relieve the pain.

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