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Things to put in your dental emergency kit


You can never tell when you will face a dental emergency hence the need to be always prepared. Whenever you are travelling it’s important to consider taking your emergency kit with you to help cover any emergency case that may exist. Otherwise you should visit a dental professional
in Burwood to get a permanent solution to it.

Dental emergency equally requires the right preparation just like any other form of fear that most people may have today. Those who haven’t experienced a toothache in the past may relate well with the article since they haven’t encountered the pain before. In order to fully equip your emergency kit, here are some of the things to put in your dental emergency kit.


Salt has traditionally been used to manage different dental care condition and that is why you must have it in your emergency kit. Whenever you experience pain between the teeth or on the gums, put some salt on the warm water and rinse your mouth to lessen the pain.

2.Painkillers and antibiotics.

dental emergency kit

Sometimes the tooth pain can be severe making it impossible to reason on the best way to handle the situation. Equipping your kit with the right painkillers and antibiotics can save you from the pain as you try to reach the dentist. Always make sure you work with your dentist to recommend on the right antibiotics that you can use for your treatment.

3.Temporary filling.

When you have a cavity developing on your teeth or loose teeth, the temporary filling can be used as the best solution for emergency cases. This will make you survive the pain as it blocks food particle from getting to hit the nerves as well as the air which may cause pain. You can use the temporary filling continuously until you visit your dentist for a permanent filling.

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