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The purpose of a temporary filling for broken tooth


A temporary filling for broken tooth is used at the intermediate stage of therapy. As a rule, it is made of inexpensive materials, moreover, such a seal is easily removed. Temporary filling for broken tooth is a completely justified stage of treatment, which is a guarantee of a thorough approach to the existing dental problem. To know exactly how it works, checkthis website for more information.

Temporary filling is a necessary condition for effective treatment of broken tooth. In the case of deep caries, it is not necessary to establish a permanent filling immediately, since the border between the dental tissue and the pulp chamber, where the nerve bundle is located, is so thin that the process can pass into the pulpits, and the tooth canals should be treated.

In order to make the process of treatment with deep caries more effective, the dentist will install a medical pad during the first visit, which will be removed after certain period. For this reason, it makes no sense to put constant filling at once, but a soft temporary filling for broken tooth is applied. If, after the first stage of therapy, a tooth under such a filling hurts for a long time, it means that it is necessary to change tactics, and then to treat the dental canals.

temporary filling for broken tooth

Temporary filling with pulpits is established when you first visit the doctor. Before this, the tooth chamber is opened, then it is thoroughly cleaned, after which preparations with arsenic are placed there, which contribute to the removal of inflammation of the neurovascular bundle, as well as further cleaning of the canals. Due to the fact that the composition of modern pastes include dental anesthetics, the patient does not feel pain after such a
therapy. Regarding the lifetime of the temporary filling, it is : just a few days, after that you will need to visit the dentist again.

A temporary filling for broken tooth after nerve deletion can be installed without the use of arsenic paste. In this case, the dentist makes an anesthesia, removes the neurovascular bundle from the tooth chamber and its canals, then they are medically treated. The antiseptics or medicinal substances are left in the canals. After that the nerve is removed and the tooth is closed with a temporary filling. Many are interested in how much time after the installation of a temporary filling you can eat. This term is not more than two hours (this time is enough for complete hardening of the material).

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