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How can a smile make you win the confidence game


In a world full of competition, ups and downs, unexpected surprises and confusion, confidence can be a thing you are struggling with. Whether it is self-confidence, confidence in a class presentation or confidence to close a very great business deal, a simple smile can give you the boost you need. Now, the big question is, how can your smile make you win the confidence game? Specialists from Southern Smiles Miranda clinic explain…

First of all, your confidence is reflected in your facial expressions. A worried and nervous face is easy to notice, and this will give a blow to your confidence. No matter how nervous the situation on the ground makes you feel, you can mask the fear with a simple smile. The moment you smile, your face brightens up and no one is even able to tell you are tensed up! A radiant, white smile makes you feel relaxed and confident to face the situation. Many people avoid smiling and laughing because they are shy for their yellow and crooked teeth. No matter what your teeth’s condition is, a warm smile always makes people feel better.

happy group of friends winning the confidence game
Smiling has the ability to automatically affect your emotions. It has the ability to awaken your spirits on a moment when you feel like you don’t have what it takes to perform the task that is ahead of you. A smile is like a signal that tells your entire body to light up, making you feel reenergized and confident. It helps your brain focus on the positivity of the current situation and drains out all the negative energy.
To some extent, confidence is determined by how people treat you and how they react to your presence. If people react positively, your confidence is boosted.

To get people responding to you positively, give them a smile. It is said that smiling is contagious; if you want people giving you positive energy, then give them a warm hearty smile! A smile affects the environment around you and makes you more approachable. So the next time you feel like you need a confidence boost, just take a breath and just smile!

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