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Staying Healthy at Work


People spend years worth of their life at work. With so much time spent in one place, it’s important to do what you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a handful of ideas for staying healthy at work.

Get up: The saying being passed around is, “sitting is the new smoking,” and while that is a bit extreme, sitting is a health concern for millions of office workers. Sitting is shown to increase a person’s risk of some chronic illnesses by 10-20%. There is no firm guideline yet but standing periodically and moving around the office can help. Use those standing breaks to move around the office. This can also help boost creativity and avoid mental drain.

Think before you eat: There always seems to be something that requires treats to celebrate. Pam’s birthday. Steve’s retirement party. It’s just a random Tuesday. Whatever it is, there seems to be a lot of junk food floating around. The best thing you can do is try to plan ahead and simply avoid the extra dessert. Bring your own lunch and snack and keep to a plan of what you will eat through out the day. Be sure to have a good size breakfast. This will keep you full longer and help you avoid mindlessly reaching for that candy bar. A special treat once in a while won’t be the end of you, but the key is always in moderation.

Staying Healthy at Work

Manage your stress: Work is tough. Deadlines. Endless emails. Expectations. It’s a lot for someone to manager, but the key is to manage your stress to help from getting burned out. See if your work has a quiet place you can use. Even 5 minutes of mindful meditation can help clear your mind and refresh you for the day. Try to stay organize and scheduled to avoid surprises from popping up during the day and increasing your stress.

There is a lot going on in our modern lives, but taking a few of these tips can help you staying healthy at work.

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