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Recovery After Breast Augmentation


The amazing time needed to complete the healing after breast augmentation (up to six months) discourages many women who are considering breast enlargement. The benefits of a better self-image are worth it for women who decide to undergo surgery and take the necessary steps in their lives to get a full recovery.

The recovery after breast augmentation begins with one leaving the surgery room with a bandaged chest and continues to sleep after anesthesia. Asian Breast Augmentation aftercare is also the same with any other breast augmentation after surgery care. You will be in the recovery room for at least an hour while your body regains health after anesthesia. Staff will closely monitor symptoms such as fever or unusual bleeding.

All surgical procedures have developed tremendously, and the risk of infection is much lower than a few decades ago. Intravenous administration of antibiotics during and immediately after surgery, often after oral administration for several days, is part of the treatment. Drainage tubes with small bubbles at the ends are often inserted during surgery to remove excess fluid that can cause infections; Do not forget to empty the bulbs and wash them well. The Dr Breast Augmentation Sydney will ask you to take only soft baths until further notice, which will reduce the exposure to germs from the bath or shower.

During recovery, special attention should be paid to movements. Sleep on your back to reduce pressure on the chest while sleeping on your stomach. It should be remembered that stretching or removing stitched areas not only slow down recovery but can also cause unnecessary scars, because the tissue is treated around the seams.

Recovering After Breast AugmentationLifting objects which are greater than five pounds will probably be forbidden for some time. This can cause stress in the healing areas, as does raising your arms over your head. Try a small experiment before surgery. Place the tape pieces in the areas that your surgeon said you would be incision places. So raise your hands, pick up heavy items or put your arms on your stomach.

In the early days, you will feel uncomfortable, but the tubes to treat pain and drainage should be very helpful. It will probably last up to two weeks before the bruises and swellings disappear. During this time, you will probably have showers and a sports bra.

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