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Recover From Breast Implant Surgery


Many women who opt for breast implant are so enthralled by the idea of the procedure that they often forget that surgery is only part of the treatment. Recovering from breast implant surgery takes several weeks before patients begin to return to their normal life.

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During the first days after surgery, you will be in bed and resting. You will not be at work, in the gym, or doing anything that requires an arm movement in the shoulder. You will have to allow your body to recover from the invasive surgical procedure. The only way to do it is to provide the best conditions of rest: in bed, using a surgical bra and minimizing the movement of the upper body.

If you smoke, you must stop smoking during the recovery period. In fact, the surgeon will probably ask you to stop smoking several months before the procedure. Smoking inhibits the elasticity of the skin and blood circulation, two essential elements for your body to recover completely from the procedure.

Full recovery after breast implant surgery can take up to a year. Although the swelling, bruising and pain will disappear much more quickly, the rest of your body will continue to heal for many, many months. Only after 12 months should you consider that your body is completely cured and you can really see the final result of your breast augmentation surgery.

Recovering From Breast Implant SurgeryIf you want to return to work after breast implant operation, you can return to work in a few weeks. Naturally, you will be limited to any type of work that is not office work. And again you should not raise your arms above your shoulders. Approximately thirty days after the surgery, your surgeon will allow you to perform a more physically demanding job. It can even allow you to exercise light and low impact.

Perhaps the best advice for a quick and complete cure for breast augmentation surgery is to simply listen to the breast implant surgeon and follow their instructions explicitly after the procedure! Your surgeon will provide you with the strict guidelines to follow, and it is strongly recommended that you follow them.

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