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Products for Tooth Pain


Toothaches are unpleasant for many of us, and sometimes they may be very inconvenient for many people. It is recommended to see a dentist to receive a proper treatment for tooth pain. But, sometimes you may not access the dentist right way or even your dentist recommendation takes time to give you relief from pain. The good thing is that there are several products for tooth pain that can give you relief from pain.

Here some of the most commonly known products for tooth pain

This is one of the most available over the counter medicine available. It’s a very useful drug for the treating toothaches and most of the time the dentists recommend it after treatment. Acetaminophen works by changing the body on how it perceives pain, hence making the toothache tolerable.

Mostly, when toothaches occur other symptoms may accompany such as reddish gums, swelling, and inflammation or sometimes even irritation on the mouths parts. These conditions are easily remedied through Anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen or naproxen or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Care should be taken when using these drugs and always take food before taking the drugs to avoid irritation in the stomach. It also checks the ingredients of the drugs to ensure you are not allergic to those ingredients.

Ice packs
As ridiculous as it may sound holding frozen things like peas or ice pack on your outside face can reduce toothaches. The numbness brought by the cold reduces the pain. Apply ice for a few minutes then rests.

OTC products
OTC products include wound cleansing and oral debriding products, topical oral anesthetics and may also contain topical oral protectants. Most of the debriding and cleansing agents contain hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, and carbamide peroxide. These products are used after meals and can be used up to a maximum of four times a day and for only one week, and they shouldn’t be swallowed.

In conclusion, they are tricks that you can use for temporary relief such as avoiding hard food, use warm salt water to rinse your mouth and also avoid foods and drinks that are hot or cold.

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