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Manage nose bleed during pregnancy


Apart from the excitement of the new baby that is coming, pregnancy can sometimes be accompanied by different challenges including nose bleeding during pregnancy. This is majorly due to the changes in the blood circulation in the body which tries to adjust to accommodate both the baby and the mother.

When the body circulatory expands, it accommodates more blood; hence the body responds by creating and supplying more blood. The body may adjust or respond differently to the changes especially for the blood vessels in the nose which may result in frequent nose bleeding due to their delicate nature.

How to avoid nose bleed during pregnancy

This isn’t experienced in all pregnant women, and it’s not harmful provided it’s not often. You need to take care of the delicate vessels in the nose to prevent them from often bursting which may cause nose bleeding. You can achieve this by blowing your nose gently and using soft wipes that won’t harm any of the blood vessels. Avoid environment without moistened air, and this may need the use of humidifier during winter months when the air is dry to reduce on chances of nose bleeding.

How to control nose bleeding

What should you do when the bleeding happen? Here are some of the perfect steps that will help you manage and stop the bleeding:

nose bleed during pregnancy

1. You can lean and move the upper part of the body forward when the flow is too much. This will avoid cases of ingesting the flowing blood while you manage the flow. 

2. You can squeeze your nose lightly with the nostrils moving towards the center of the nose. Repeat the process until the flow reduces and finally stops which may need your patience for a few minutes. 

3. The moment the bleeding starts, avoid sleeping or any other position as it’s advisable that you either sit or stand and make sure your head is upright.

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