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Non Surgical Breast Augmentation


Since breast augmentation is one of the most important medical options for people who want a larger breast, the market has been literally flooded with products dedicated to non-surgical breast enhancement. Surgical solutions often contrasted with hormones and herbal supplements, and we must admit the pros and cons of both types of breast augmentation resolutions. Let’s take them one by one and see why someone should choose surgical or nonsurgical breast augmentation. It is also necessary to start with the bad things that patients often ignore or neglect.

Asian Breast Augmentation is one of the surgical procedure you can choose to have a larger breast. There are other options you can choose. Think carefully before deciding what to undergo to achieve your dream body.

The resolutions of nonsurgical breast augmentation include the use of vacuum therapies, hormones, and plant products, pills and creams. Suction or pumping augmentation methods indicate that they stimulate the growth of natural tissues by creating a mechanical stress in the chest. Now pumps are rarely produced because they have been successfully replaced by surgical means. However, pills and creams are still the most popular non-surgical breast augmentation methods. They use hormones or herbal extracts similar to hormones that are very close to estrogen. Attempts have also been made to extract synthetic estrogen from plants.

This chemical stimulates cellular production and forces your system to behave as if you are pregnant. Several risks are associated with this type of non-surgical breast augmentation. It is known that estrogen causes the production of ectopic cells to develop frequently in cervical cancer, a risk that has been observed in the case of exposure to hormones as a result of the use of oral contraceptives. Studies have shown that phytoestrogens, used in the composition of a non-surgical breast augmentation, could be equally harmful to the group. However, scientific research has not closed the chapter or the banned products.

Non Surgical Breast AugmentationThe preference for non-surgical breast augmentation is because they are less expensive than surgical treatments. The latter may be safer from the chemical point of view, but it is not without risks. On the contrary, the specific elements that could create plant problems later on. There may be conditions, such as when a breast augmentation massage is used for a long time, or the implants look damaged and need to be replaced. Despite the many risks involved, many people are at risk of development.

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