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New Diabetes Medications


Diabetes is a life-long disease getting common among many people. It belongs to a group of diseases that affect the use of glucose (blood sugar) by your body. As glucose is an important ingredient and source of energy for your health and it helps in making up your tissues and muscles. So, if the required glucose level in your body is affected and goes high, then you are considered diabetic. Visit HomeDoctorsAdelaide.com.au Site to know more about the causes and treatment for diabetes.

There can be many causes of getting diabetes; different for a different kind of diabetes. Diabetes medications are not needed to everyone in some cases it can be achieved and controlled by using a proper diet and exercise. But many people having type-2 diabetes can achieve their required sugar levels only by having some medicines or insulin therapy. Different combinations of drugs are used to medicate it, but only a doctor can prescribe what’s best for you according to your medical condition. Some of the majorly prescribed new diabetes medications are:

New oral drugs

New oral drugs like Xigduo XR, Synjardy and Glyxambi are getting popular in the treatment of diabetic patients of type 2 they are actually the combination of 2 different drugs from all the available drugs. These drugs are a great help in managing the amount of insulin in the body 

new diabetes medication

New injectables

These new injectables like Tresiba, Xultophy, Soliqua are not generic drugs and are also prepared by a combination of different drugs. They consist of GPL-1 agonist or a type of insulin and helps to generate and use insulin in your body by working as a substitute for the insulin.

Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors

These medications allow you to lower the sugar level in your body by breaking down starchy foods that you eat. Its performance is better when you have it before taking your meals.


It works by decreasing the amount of sugar that your liver makes and adjusts it according to the capacity of your intestines. The most common biguanide’s name is Metformin


It’s generally recommended as the first medication to type 2 diabetic patients in most of the cases. It helps your body to handle and use insulin effectively by lowering the glucose production in the liver.

Dopamine agonist

Bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist. It’s still unknown how this medicine works but its prescribed by many doctors and they say that it prevents insulin resistance.

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