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Options for a Loose Tooth Treatment


Teeth aren’t just there for chewing and biting, but also to enhance your smile and appearance. A shaky tooth makes it difficult to chew or bite. Regular dental care and checkup go along way in improving your dental health. Does your child have a loose baby tooth? That is normal and expected. But adult having a loose permanent tooth is alarming.  

There are several causes of a loose tooth. The causes of a loose tooth include tooth trauma, gum disease, grinding, or you lost the whole tooth after hitting on the ground. If a loose tooth is left untreated, one could lose it. Having a loose tooth? How can you treat it? There are several treatment options for a loose tooth. Visit your dentist to determine the best treatment for you. Below are options for a loose tooth treatment;

1. Bone Grafts 

One of the main causes of a loose tooth is gum disease. Gum disease causes bone loss, which can be rebuilt through a bone grafting procedure. The procedure involves pulling the gum away from the tooth, which allows root cleaning and pocket filling.     

2. Soft tissue grafts 

Gum grafts prevent further gum loss due to gum disease. The procedure involves the removal of tissue from the palate and grafting it onto the missing gum site.     

loose tooth treatment

3. Scaling and root planning 

Gum disease being the main cause of loose tooth, you need to reverse or treat it. Deep cleaning dental produce is commonly used to prevent, treat, and reverse gum disease.    

When the bacteria infect the gums and bones, pockets may develop. Your dentist will have to scrap the tartar off the gum line. This deep cleaning method is commonly known as scaling. Root planning is recommended during the early stages of gum disease as the tooth start to loosen.     

4. Surgery 

Sometimes a gum disease may damage the gum tissues and bone. In such a case, you will need surgery to remove the inflamed gum tissue and bone.     

5. Antibiotic Medications or mouth rinses 

A number of medications and mouth rinses can help to treat gum disease. The medications are used to treat infected gums and help to fight bacteria in the mouth.     

6. Dental appliances 

Your tooth may become loose due to grinding. Use of bite splints and mouth guard will help to prevent loose tooth.    

A loose tooth in an adult can be alarming. But don’t worry as there are treatments option for a loose tooth. You can easily save a loose tooth, especially if it’s detected early.

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