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Latest IVF News And Research Could Predict IVF Success Earlier


For both paid and free IVF users, a new technique can greatly enhance the success of your IVF treatment. The technique could even reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies. What is it and how does it work? Well, all this has something to do with the wobbly!  

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The feasibility study of paid and free IVF embryos was first performed on mice. During these experiments, it was discovered that the sperm of the mice, when they entered the mouse egg, triggered these trembling or rhythmic cytoplasmic movements. Subsequent research has shown that these tremors are an excellent indicator of the viability of the embryo and its good development. 

After being approved by the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, the researchers killed human sperm and released IVF eggs. These non-viable free IVF eggs were injected with a special protein specific for egg-activating sperm called PLC zeta. The injected free IVF eggs were imaged for several hours. 

These images revealed exactly what the scientists were looking for: inner agitation or seizures that fit perfectly at the time of normal biochemical changes that occur during fertilization. This is the first time that such movements are discovered in human eggs. This is very exciting IVF news for anyone who wants to pay IVF for free or in the future. 

Obviously, this research is far from complete before it can be used in IVF procedures in humans. However, if the research is correct, this could mean a much higher IVF success rate in the future as only the most viable IVF embryos are implanted into the mother. 

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Until then, paid and free IVF users had minimal evidence of their ultimate chance of conceiving. The eggs were selected according to appearance and number of eggs produced during the division process. This new discovery could mean a much higher success rate and a much less “unpredictable” approach to free and paid IVF treatments. 

The study could ultimately reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies in free IVF procedures. By identifying the best and most powerful embryo, physicians can implant fewer embryos and increase the likelihood of a single conception.

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