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Increase Infertility Awareness


Having a baby and taking a new generation forward is one of the most joyous events of human life. After all, this is what some of us yearn to have a family and transform a house into a home. Unfortunately, there are many couples that have been married for more than a decade but have not been able to have a baby due to health factors or simply due to infertility.

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Infertility is basically the inability of a person, particularly a woman (as it has always been presumed that women and not men are infertile) to conceive. However, there are many medical studies indicating that the percentage of infertility in men is on the rise and that it’s no longer just a woman’s health issue.

If you have failed to conceive after a year of all your efforts, you should know that it’s time to see an infertility specialist to get tested. There are many remedies and treatments for infertility today. Infertility doctors and specialists have been very successful in increasing infertility awareness.

Infertility may not be just limited to a medical complication. It may also be a social issue that many couples will need to confront. Couples are suggested to seek help from their infertility doctors and get the necessary examinations and evaluations done before the proper type of treatment can be considered.

Infertility AwarenessInfertility awareness specialist suggests that couples experiencing difficulty in conceiving should not be overly concerned as there are many treatments available today. If your age is in the positive age group, which means the couple is under 35, the chances of getting pregnant are high. However, you may need to learn about the proper timing for having sexual intercourse to improve your chances of conceiving. As couples move above the age of 35, their chances of getting pregnant in the next six months begin to diminish with age. Nonetheless, there are some younger couples that have failed to conceive, and they’re many cases of older couples conceiving. The point is, don’t give up trying.

Research has identified various causes of infertility. Most of these are associated with lifestyle and can be corrected over time. Some of the most common factors affecting infertility are age, increased body weight or obesity, genital infantilism, inflammation, STDs, alcohol, excessive smoking, stress, and anxiety.

Experts suggest that there are many different ways to overcome infertility today. You can still get pregnant if you know how to deal with infertility. Get educated and be patient. For more detailed information, visit your nearby infertility doctor.

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