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How To Get Rid Of A Saggy Tummy


A saggy belly is a problem faced by many people, including women who have recently been pregnant and people who have suddenly lost weight. But nobody desires such a look, so what can we do to restore the slim waist?

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When there’s a sharp fat mass decrease under the skin, a hollow surface is created resulting in a hanging skin because the skin did not have the time to recover. So losing weight without any physical activity causes the skin on the abdomen to sag. Pregnancy also causes the abdominal skin muscles to stretch, which results in saggy skin and stretch marks after childbirth. This sagging may also occur naturally due to the aging of the skin’s subcutaneous tissue and the fatty layer.

Get Rid Of A Saggy Tummy

There are several solutions for a saggy tummy, however, none of them is easy. For new mothers who gave birth naturally, the abdominal exercises is a good way to start. However, for effective results, you need specialized exercises to address the lower core. Park runs and jogging, lying on your back with your legs up at a right angle with your body, and exercising with the hoop will get you the desired results. However, you can only do physical call exercises if you are in perfect shape health wise. If you had the cesarean section delivery, then the abdominal exercises are out of the equation as it would tear open the stitches. Yet the C-section procedure leaves you with a sagging belly. Your belly may never return to its previous state as a result of physiological reasons. In this case, you may need to undergo a cosmetic procedure to remove the stretch marks, the unnatural bulges, and the roller folds in the lower part of the abdomen. Plastic surgery would particularly make sense if there is a disposition of fats in the postpartum period, there is a skin divergence, or the skin was severely stretched.

Removing a sagging belly can be a tedious and expensive exercise, but who wants to live with bored wrinkles at the expense of a slim waist? It can and must be fought.

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