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How To Ease Molar Teething Pain


Molar teething pain can be a symptom of many different things. It can be caused by inflammation of the gums or abscess (an infection that develops in the root of the molar ), cracked molar, or deformed filler. However, generally, molar growth pain happens owing to one thing as easy as food at bay between the molar.

The molar pain associated with each problem is slightly different. For example, cracked molar may cause pressure and pain when you chew something. If you suffer from severe pain accompanied by heat and cold sensitivity, it may be a sign that the cavity has reached the molar nerve.

There are many treatments that can help to soothe and ease the molar teething pain until you reach the dentist. Some of these are organic and herbal in nature while others require taking non-prescription drugs.

The following list describes some of the known treatments for molar pain relief:

-Rinse mouth with warm water to dilute any food particles that may cause pain and then thread or use an irrigation device to clean your molars.

Garlic clove– Put a couple of cloves between your painful molar and your cheek and keep it there like a person who smokes tobacco. Allow seed-like solid horns to be soaked in saliva for several minutes to soften them and then gently grind them as if you would give them a toothpick. The soothing oils are released from the carnation to the area around the painful tooth, to relieve the pain. Allow the cloves to sit for 30 minutes or until the pain subsides. You can continue this treatment as often as necessary until the dentist intervenes.

– Breathe in a warm saline solution around the mouth that helps reduce swelling of the gums, clearing cysts, and reducing tooth pain. Swish each mouth for 10 to 30 seconds, with salt water concentration in the area as painful as possible. Repeat this procedure until the glass becomes empty.

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