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How Active Am I? (Tips On How To Get Out Of The Passive Lifestyle)


Regular exercise is no doubt one of the best activities to maintain an active life. Some people even prefer to take member registration to gyms and community physical activity programs. To people with active duty as part of their job, exercise becomes a better service tool. With the regular activities to keep the body and brain healthy, it becomes an integral part of some work. Hence, each veteran strives to maintain a light activity level each day even after their military service. And seeing them reaping reactive effects makes you pop the question: how active am I?

The voice inside your head has probably been talking since months ago to take an active lifestyle. Not only will a routine keep you healthy but also makes you at the top of your work game as well. But staying in the gym for hours seems like not a fancy idea to you. Nor does doing even just minutes of exercise. In fact, you don’t even know where to start at all. The key to having a fun and efficient time at the gym is knowing where to begin. And we are here to help you walk through it.

How Active Am I: From Sedentary To Very Activehow to know level of physical activity

Science supports not only the idea and effects of exercise but also motivates people to get into one. And if you’re wondering what a perfect beginning takes, you should know how active you are really. Multiple online health communities provide a quick assessment quiz to help you define your fitness level. Through this convenient and accessible assessment, you get to choose among the answers easily. Few clicks and the quiz could determine your physical activity level right away. Typically answers could vary from:


When physical activity does not belong to your daily duty, there is a high chance that you’re living a risky sedentary life. On a simpler note, sedentary means inactivity. And while long rest time for the whole week seems like a great idea, it does not positively affect the body. In fact, living a sedentary state could even put you into a high risk with diseases and even stress.

While some activities like shopping, writing, and working seem to be physical themselves, these do not guarantee a high activity level. And unless you take at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise each day, you belong to the sedentary community. Hence, if your answers are mostly “never” to the physical activity questions, that could be a sign to turn your life around already.

Lightly active

If you are into moderately active side of the road, walking and easy workout should be a part of your routine. Although being lightly active is almost at the lower part of being fit, it also delivers a positive response to the body. Besides, just by pushing for an extra mile, you get to put your self into a more active state. Some quickly progress from this phase by having accessible equipment at home. After all, you don’t have to mind anyone other than your goals when choosing home workouts. Transcend from being lightly active to very active and go to this website: multistationhomegym.com.au to see equipment options.


tips to maintain high fitnessWalking seems to be an excellent measure in defining physical activity level. And as you walk farther and longer, you also get to bring your daily routines into a more reactive one. Hence, people who take this leg work for almost two hours every day belong to this fitness level. And only when you spend a great time on physical activity training each day can you say you are an active person. Visit this page for more leg workouts.

Very Active

While being very active seems to be a far-fetched idea, some live and excel in this area. Key examples that determine you live in a very active setting is spending time on exercise for more than four hours every day and spending the rest of the time into heavy work.

Tips On How To Outshine The Question Of How Active Am I

If you are worried that you don’t have any other heavy work, other than a couple of steps, today might be the best time to begin. There is no need to switch from being passive to a rigorous activity instantly. The key to having a successful workout is making it consistent and targeted. Here are some points that will take you from your seat to your feet:

  • Take it slow
  • Begin with 30 minutes of routine each day
  • Target muscles
  • Make workout fun and interesting
  • Opt for convenient and accessible exercise setting
  • Involve friends or family

The Final Note

Having a fit and active lifestyle paves not only for a better shape but preventing health issues from arising as well. And determining your physical activity status is one big step in redefining your routines. There is no doubt the voice of exercise inside gets louder and louder every time you see someone being active. Now is the time to let go of the doubts and hopelessness with the tips to keep you moving. Like any other setting, everyone could have a jumpstart on working out towards an active life.

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