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Effects of cross bite and how to fix it through braces


Even though the dental structures develop naturally to align the upper jaw and the lower jaw perfectly, this isn’t the case for all people. Different cases have been reported in the past where a set of the upper teeth don’t perfectly match the lower teeth leading to a cross bite. In order to correct the alignment process and achieve a perfect dental structure, a modern technique of fixing bad bite through braces has been implemented.

When the teeth have a proper occlusion or normal bite, it will enable normal chewing which is very comfortable. The condition isn’t the end of everything as it can be corrected through different dental processes including the use of dental braces.

What causes a cross bite?

You may have a condition where all the teeth in the dental structure aren’t aligned properly or just a few of the teeth lacking proper alignment. Cross bite is also referred to as a bad bite and can easily interfere with self-esteem when not corrected in the right way. The main types of bad bites are posterior and anterior bites which are determined depending on the location of the affected teeth. Anterior cross affects the front teeth while posterior affects the teeth at the back majorly the upper part.

cross bite

How braces are used to fix a bad bite

Braces have become the order of the day for dental care and dental corrective measures. When braces are used to align the dental structure, the process must be done by a qualified orthodontist who will place them in the right way.

Apart from fixing the gaps, braces will help position the teeth to achieve the right bite which will automatically improve the dental look. Tailor-made devices are used to apply pressure and force to move the teeth to the right position. Braces are left in place to allow the teeth to develop correctly and make the changes permanent.

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