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DIY Invisalign: Why do-it-yourself dentistry is dangerous


We all associate dental visits and procedures with high expenses and repetitive follow-ups that add up to the expensive costs. So every time we encounter a dental problem, we try to ignore it or find a home treatment that can help solve it the best way we can, just so we can avoid the high dental price tags. That is why do-it-yourself dentistry is becoming a thing nowadays. Dental manufacturers claiming that their orthodontic solution, for instance, can be as effective without you having to see your dentist every once in a while, and also for a fraction of the cost! But be warned! Let Dr. Shaun from Available Dental Care and other respected orthodontists tell you the whole truth about DIY Invisalign.

Correcting your teeth alignment

diy invisalign

The process of straightening your teeth has been developed a very long time ago, but its main steps are still practiced to this day. Whether you are using traditional braces or the revolutionary Invisalign aligners, the idea is to exert pressure to the teeth so they would gradually move and position themselves correctly until they are straightened completely. The whole process needs the supervision of the dentist or orthodontist so as not to severely manipulate the teeth which may cause problems with the nerves and the jaw.

DIY dentistry

From DIY teeth whitening to DIY Invisalign, people nowadays are doing everything they can to save every last penny they can get while still correcting their dental issues. However, is this do-it-yourself dental phenomenon something you can trust to be effective and safe?

The answer depends on who you are asking. For dental manufacturers of products like EZ Smile, their product is safe and effective and they have satisfied clients to vouch for it. Ed Ambrosius, the owner of EZ Smile, claimed that they already have 5000 clients working on their smile, and they already profited 2.5 million from it and that in itself is the face of success on orthodontics. He explains that interested clients purchase an impression kit so they can make their own dental impression without having to see a dentist, and ships it to their office. They now manufacture custom-made aligners specifically designed from the impression the client sent and sends them to the patient so he can start correcting their teeth alignment on their own. This system has been inspired by the US company Smile Direct Club, and now has other competitors like Hong Kong’s Easy Smile and Ireland’s Your Smile Direct.

Is DIY Invisalign really safe?

However, if you are to ask dental specialists and orthodontists anywhere in the world, their answer would be a big no. Why? Because correcting your teeth alignment is more than what meets the eye. Sometimes, there are underlying problems on the jaw, the bone structure, and the teeth that need the attention of your dentist. If you were to manipulate and straighten your teeth on your own, whether the product you are using claims to be designed by orthodontists, the results may not be as successful as you would think.

If you’re looking for a safer option, you can check out this post about the top invisible aligners in the market.

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