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Dental abscess treatment guidelines


A dental abscess is a bacterial infection that is characterized by localization of pus in the teeth, gum, which causes symptoms such as; pain in the jaw, toothache, bad breath, dental cavities, pus, fever, swollen gum.  If you feel extreme pain from these dental problems, visit and have your emergency dental procedures in Melbourne clinic.

Like any other infection/disease, dental abscess treatment guidelines are;

Medical procedure (which is performed by a dentist). It is achieved by;

Draining the abscess: 

The dentist will make a small cut into the abscess and allow the pus to drain out and remove any debris on the periodontal pocket. 

• Root canal treatment:

It’s used to remove the abscess from the root section of a tooth before it is filled and sealed. 

• Tooth extraction/bone regeneration:

Depending on the results obtained from a dental X-Ray scan on the tooth (to know the extent to which gum abscess has resulted to bone loss), the dentist may be required to either completely remove the tooth or recommend a bone regeneration procedure.

• A local anesthetic:

It is usually used to numb the mouth for the procedure. The extensive operation may be carried out under General anesthesia. 

Dental abscess treatment guidelines


• Use of antibiotics:

This proves to be an effective way to prevent the spread of abscess to nearby teeth, jaw as a plus side to medical procedures.  

• Use of Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS):

These are over-the-counter pain- reliever medications such as; acetaminophen (Tylenol), Ibuprofen (Advil, Mortin IB) as prescribed by the doctor, that aid in relieving pain in areas where It’s felt. 


• Ice packs 

Can be used (when the pain is not severe) on affected areas to ease the pain. 

• Warm salted water

This can be used to reduced inflammation pending when the dentist will be seen.  

If a gum abscess is left on treated, the pain will worsen and can lead to a life-threatening infection. A dentist should be consulted if pain, inflammation arises.

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