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Boost Your Self Esteem


“Smile” defines a person’s ability to define one’s character, happiness and Self Confidence. In fact, there is a saying that it takes a number of muscles to frown, however considerably less to Smile. For just one smile is very alluring to the eyes of the one seeing you and the keeps them infected if you have it. Looking for more tips on how a smile can gain more confidence and how your dentist can help you out in obtaining it, just visit DentistsPointcook.Com.AU.

Self Esteem
The word “Smile” is analogous to Dental Hygiene. A good smile, a good set of teeth and Great Hygiene give a level of inner confidence to an individual. This has to be taught to Children from the time they are born. Right habits inculcated from the very start, leads to great Hygiene.

There is a notion that what is felt in the heart is reflected in the way that we Smile at a person. This can also be used in a “sarcastic” way. Expressions are felt deeply rather than words. This is one statement, most of the Dental Clinics will agree to.

Smiles can be categorized in the following ways :

  • Sarcastic Smile
  • Seductive Smile
  • Uncomfortable Smile
  • Fake Smile
  • Smile as in Love or Appreciation

Behind every successful man, there is a Woman, likewise, behind every Smile, there is a Heart, which reacts as per the situation. Each and every type of reaction is a combination of an Orbicularis Oculi Muscle which is responsible for the above. The way it is delivered gives the desired level of the result as the options mentioned above.

Self Esteem is the Confidence to carry an Individual forward in his daily activities. Just like we wear Clothes to present our outlook, similarly, a Smile defines the level of commitment required to carry the day forward.

It’s a great confidence booster when we receive a Smile from a Stranger, Boss [superiors] and others. This is a way of appreciation or sarcasm as the case may be. Nowadays “Smile” is being used as a therapeutic treatment for depressions and its practice all over the World has gained popularity.

“Smile Clubs” are in vogue as it promotes a healthy heart and good Dental Hygiene.

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