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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have never been to LMC before, but I am looking for solutions for myself/child. How can you help me?

A. Every client relationship with LMC begins with a consultation. This informal yet comprehensive meeting with a Learning Specialist is designed to discuss the client’s life and relationships (educational, familial, social, behavioral, organizational and medical) in order to gain an understanding of his or her strengths, weaknesses, existing diagnoses and previous testing.

Q. Why must I first schedule a consultation?

A. Our Learning Specialists first meet with clients for consultations so that they can get the information they need to design and coordinate a personalized plan of action.

This consultation may result in a referral to one of LMC’s in-house services, which include:

  • Psycho-Educational Evaluation/Testing
  • Tutoring
  • Academic Coaching
  • LifeCoach
  • Personalized Plan
  • Workshops

Or it might result in a referral to a professional for:

  • Medication Management
  • Counseling
  • School Placement


Q. Do you accept insurance?

A. We do not accept insurance; however, we are happy to assist with any paperwork accepted by individual’s insurance company. LMC does offer a limited number of partial scholarships available for any of our services.  Scholarships are based on need and are available without regard to age, gender, race, color, creed, handicap, or national or ethnic origin. The scholarship application is available here, or you may call 852-5705 for more information.

Q. I am interested in your tutoring services. What grades/subjects do you offer help with?

A. LMC offers tutoring for all grades, all subjects, and all ages. Our trained tutors work one-on-one with students in kindergarten through college level.  Student/tutor placements are made with great care to assure that each individual’s unique learning style is accommodated. Regular contact between the tutor and the student’s teachers and parents is incorporated into the program.

Q. My child’s teacher says that I need to get him tested for ADHD and/or LD. Can LMC help


A. Yes, we are problem solvers.

First, schedule a consultation with one of our learning specialists. This meeting will help us

work with you and determine if interventions, tutoring, coaching, or testing would be the

most logical next step.

If testing appears appropriate, we will begin that process and schedule the evaluation.

Q. What is a psychoeducational evaluation?

A. The evaluation process is a comprehensive assessment of factors that may affect academic, work, and social success.

Q. Why get an evaluation?

  • To assess possible ADHD, LD, or social/emotional difficulties
  • To document a disability and allow for appropriate school accommodations or special services
  •  To determine strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences to improve student performance
  • To recommend interventions such as tutoring, coaching, or counseling
  •  To address concerns about school, work, or social performance

Q. What will the evaluation involve?

  • An hour long consultation with the parents or adult client
  •  Individualized testing with the client (4 to 6 hours, certain batteries may take less time)
  •  Optional classroom observation
  • Rating scales completed by teachers, family, and client
  • As appropriate, interviews with school

Q. I am an adult looking for assistance with organization, planning, and setting goals. Do you have a program that can help me?

A. Yes, LifeManagement Center uses Dr. Edward Hallowell’s LifeCoach program.  Coaches are trained to work as “human day planners” with adults and students age 14 and up.  Coaching consists of a daily telephone call in which the client and coach set short-term goals for each day and review the previous day’s goals.  The idea is to assist the client in staying focused and moving toward larger life-goals in incremental steps.  The immediate feedback and sense of accomplishment, which result from coaching, have been found to be extremely empowering for our clients.