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About Us

Life Management Center, Inc. (LMC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1996. LifeManagement Center offers educational solutions that transform educational and professional challenges into life achievements for children, families, adults, and communities.

Our Story

During many conversations, Kitty Tilghman McEaddy and friends realized that they shared within their families a similar history of struggling or having family members who struggled with ADHD. Finding local resources unsatisfactory in comparison to the large number of individuals faced with these challenges, Kitty made it her mission to help the Charleston community learn more about ADHD and other learning challenges and to develop ways parents and professionals could improve the services available in the community.

During her quest, she found her calling. After attending numerous conferences on learning disabilities and ADHD and reading information from experts in the field, Kitty founded LifeManagement Center in 1996. Today she remains dedicated to providing the best services and practices for children and adults who are challenged with learning.

Core Values:

  • Expert
  • Professional
  • Individualized Services
  • Client Success Oriented
  • Ethical